Professor Saturn usually doesn’t make the front page of the Cosmic Newspaper because he’s not typically a showy personable kind-of-guy, but this week, the paparazzi has been shining the spotlight on him in his recent announcement that he is going ‘retrograde’ until mid-November.

Now, for those of you that are not well acquainted with Professor Saturn, he’s one of those teachers that can be really hard on you. However, by the time you graduate you’ll realize how you couldn’t have done it without him. He won’t hesitate to push you into some harsh lessons, watch you struggle, and put more pressure on you until you finally do that thing you need to do for the sake of long-term rewards.

Professor Saturn is known to delay you and restrict you until you finally release your karmic burdens and embody step-by-step practical action to build the structure you need to achieve your greatest success. But boy, does he take his time, and forces you to cultivate lots of patience as you ascend to greater heights.

Now, Professor Saturn is an old-ass man about 84 years old, and moves kind of slow, and that’s because his lessons take some time. But you got to give him credit, because he still travels around, visiting different neighborhoods every 2.5 years. Although not a lot of people like Professor Saturn (because he can be cold, cynical, and pessimistic), everyone *needs* Professor Saturn to visit because he’s an expert in areas of responsibility, discipline, and commitment — something we all need to build our own legacies.

Since March 2023, Professor Saturn has moved into Mrs. Pisces’s house, putting Mrs. Pisces through a tough lesson plan. Mrs. Pisces is a mystical old woman and Professor Saturn hides that fact that he has a little crush on her because she has big dreamy eyes, can make him laugh with her silly nature, and admires her wise compassionate ways.

Most of the time they live together just fine and have a fairly compatible relationship. He thinks Mrs. Pisces is highly talented with her creative ability and that she has a lot of potential. She’s sensitive, emotional, intuitive, and tends to be very charitable, romantic, and adaptable in important transitions. So Professor Saturn really thinks he can take her to a new level in all of her grand imaginative pursuits.

In some ways, Professor Saturn is fascinated by Mrs. Pisces because she can be so interconnected with the spiritual world, (the complete opposite of his down-to-earth style) but there are some things about Mrs. Pisces that just get on Professor Saturn’s nerves, and every now and then, he really asks her to makes some changes in her behavior, just for him, while he helps her manifest her creative and spiritual endeavors in the world.

Since November 2023, Saturn as been observing Mrs. Pisces, watching her with critical eyes and putting together his next lesson plan. He’s been making a checklist of all the things that just don’t help her create her big idealistic dreams. And being the harsh guy that he is, he actually made his lesson plan accessible to the public eye so that Mrs. Pisces can’t get away with some of her manipulative tricks or spiritually bypass his lessons (like she sometimes does) and actually puts in the hard work over the next five months.

I went ahead and shared his checklist with you below in case Professor Saturn comes around to your front door in the Neighborhood of Pisces. By the way, we all own a home in this neighborhood, so you should be aware of him because he can be worse than some of the HOA board members when he’s in a bad mood. Although you may wince when you read his observations of Mrs. Pisces, it’s better to know about it than ‘turn the other way’.

Professor Saturn’s Retrograde Checklist for Mrs. Pisces: 

  1. Mrs. Pisces, you are too damn scattered, disoriented, and messy. If you are going to manifest your dreams, you really need to get grounded, make some freakin’ boundaries, and cultivate some real structure in your life for your own good. For the love of God, create a routine and be more disciplined in your creative and spiritual endeavors or else you’ll never see them in the world and gain the rewards for it.
  2. Mrs. Pisces…It’s nice that your so empathetic, but STOP being such a martyr, release your Karma with you-know-who, and come into your REAL feminine authority. I see that QUEEN inside you. It’s time for you to grow up!
  3. I don’t know how many times I’ve told you this, so stop spacing out when I’m talking to you. Your *claps hands* dreams *claps hands* won’t *claps hands* build *claps hands* themselves *claps hands* and *claps hands* fall *claps hands* into *claps hands* your *claps hands* lap! Wake up from your rose-colored delulu land, and face these challenges in your life FOR REAL! I’ll be giving you reality checks over the next five months and show you the *exact problems* you need to face head on.

So there you go folks, Saturn is serious about this, which is why he’s in the front page of the Cosmic Newspaper. Let’s all send flowers and our sympathy to Mrs. Pisces (and all the mutable experts like Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius) because they’ll also be ‘going through it’ with Professor Saturn as well.

With that said, it’s important to know how to act if Professor Saturn visits you on a personal matter. And just remember — yes, he can be tough, but you might thank him later for it. Generally speaking, you’ll need to know the ‘keys of embodiment’ and lean into his lessons sooner than later.

I’ve provided some ‘Keys of Embodiment’ tips below to support you:

  • Commit to your dreams no matter what happens.
  • Embrace the reality checks and clarity, whether you like it or not.
  • Face your challenges and weaknesses with maturity.
  • Make practical choices aligned with your intuition and creative aspirations.
  • Don’t shy away from taking on more responsibility.
  • Create a routine with discipline for anything you are trying to create in the world.
  • Take it one day at a time and be patient with your results.
  • Show up for yourself and start before you are ready.
  • Clear your Karma and learn from the past.
  • Have some boundaries and create necessary structures for your success.
  • Understand that any restrictions, feelings of isolation, and/or pessimism are a part of delayed gratification.
  • Don’t spiritually bypass or fall into lengthy episodes of escapism.
  • Rememberthat all this hard work pays off with GREAT REWARDS so it’s worth it.

If you have any personal placements (Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) in the mid-degrees of mutable signs like Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius, you may be feeling the direct growth period from ‘Professor Saturn’. If you would like some support with your Saturn Growth Period, don’t hesitate to book a personal session. 

Yours Truly,

Michelle Corazao
(Professional Intuitive, Transformative Healer, Mystical Channeler, Evolutionary Astrologist, Spiritual Comedian, and Soulful Storyteller)

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