Here’s What Some Folks Have to Say…

“I first reached out to Michelle for help after a distressing event occurred in my life that I couldn’t understand. She calmly shone a light for me to see the bigger picture of what had happened and why.  I was then able to let the matter unfold knowing that it was a transformative event and that all was well. I continue to see Michelle in this safe healing space whenever I feel the need for support or greater clarity and healing in a matter. I find each session profound and she has a wonderful way of meeting me wherever I’m at. These sessions accelerate and support the transformation currently unfolding in my life and I have experienced genuine change through them. I highly recommend it.”

Diana G.

New Zealand

“Michelle is the real deal. Authentic, high-integrity, welcoming and so incredibly clear. She creates a beautiful safe space for your own self to unfold in and bring forth the most appropriate and impactful messages with which to advance your own spiritual journey. With Michelle’s help, you will go to the most beautiful and profound depths of your own self!” 

Bianca A.


“Potent, proficient and important beyond measure, this woman’s work!! Michelle helped me recover from a major surgery and radiation treatment for thyroid cancer. And man, that hospital stay wasn’t exactly a party 😉 But Michelle’s Trance Medium Healing work — done over the phone while I was in the Philippines — had an immediate and even real-time effect. I consistently felt 300% better by session’s end!! Without question, this generous and curious soul sister’s gifts have been a crucial supplement to my rehab — physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Clear psychic vision, precise and immediate clearing of discomfort and lethargy… the girl’s got skills!!”
April W.

“Michelle takes healing and clearing energy to an entirely different level. The work she has done, she effortlessly pinpointed exactly where the energy was not moving and saw within minutes what needed to be cleared and allowed my energy to merge with the healing process and this sealed the deal. The healing I experienced was beyond what the analytical mind can put into words. Pictures and feelings of magnificent joy are flooding my physical body as I type these words. What an incredible soul you have Michelle. Thank you so much. May Spirit continue to bless you as you do this courageous, life-giving work.”
Andy T.

“Thank you and thank you again for the session.  It was uplifting, inspiring, and provided something special that other avenues of growth have not.  I am going to schedule more time with you soon.”
Sally W.

“I had never had that type of psychic reading before but found it refreshing.”
Diana M.

“I just was majorly inspired by last night and wanted to thank you for an amazing class. I also took that inspiration and gave myself a reading on my Havingness.”
Kim J.

“YOU are awesome! Thank you so so much, this helps tremedously.”
Kristen C.

“I just wanted to say Thank You. Today I was offered and huge promotion and doubled my salary. It was exactly the number when the offer came back that I wished I had that amount of money! I couldnt believe it! Now I can just work one job and attend school. Thank you so much for all of your teachings and support. I appreciate you so very much!”
Kimberly J

“I just wanted to say thank you most sincerely for a course well taught and information well shared. I enjoyed and learned!”
Gin G.

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the information on unattaching from judgement energy.  I am noticing that the more I allow others to be as they are, that it opens up more permission for me to not have to be perfect all the time.  It gives me total permission–so freeing!  This perspective makes it so easy to be less judgmental of others because I see how I’m the one benefitting. 😉 hehe Thank you!”
Valerie A.

“Thank you for making the classes so engaging, I’m amazed at how much I learn every time!”
Leigh-Ann L.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your class.  Your teaching process is very organized, thorough, and easy to follow.  I appreciate the drawings that have helped me with the visualizations.  I especially appreciate the meditations.  You really set us up for success and support us in our continued use of the tools on our own.”
Valerie A.

“Thank you for the reading/healing today! You made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for the recording, too. It will mean a lot to me to have. I’m excited to have received such a complete healing from you, and especially enjoyed hearing you speak about what you were seeing and healing. You’re very expert. Hopefully one day I’ll be developed enough to return the favor. These words feel dry, but I mean them.”
Ryan N.

I completed the level 3 Radiant Self Programme and moved mountains! I was ready for real transformation in my life and this gave me everything I needed to do that. And it wasn’t just the tools or the information, it was having someone I trusted to talk to and who’s phenomenal ability helped me go so much deeper. Its felt healing and empowering and I move forward with new appreciation for managing my energy. This beautifully presented transformational programme has been a profoundly rewarding experience.

Diana G.

New Zealand

“Thank you so much, Michelle. Powerful, as usual. I really appreciate how strong you are with both energetic healing *and* psychic reading. I also really appreciate that you don’t tiptoe around things and tell me what’s happening without any sugarcoating. I feel like I gained a ton of insight last night in addition to the powerful clearing. Thank you again.”
Juliana M.

“Michelle is the real deal! She is a gifted psychic and an extremely conscientious teacher.  Michelle provides not only an incredibly accurate, clear and insightful reading, she also provides practical instruction on how to use the information gained through the reading to better your soul and your life.  I have worked with Michelle for over a year now and I can confidently say that you would be blessed and fortunate to get the opportunity to work with Michelle — I know I am.”
Stacey K.

“Michelle, thank you so much. It was a great experience working with you. I am really pleased and happy that I decided to come and have you work on me. I learned so much about myself in such a short amount of time, thanks to your knowledge and experience. I was mind-blown by your accurate description of my personality. A+ I am looking forward to seeing you again and have you continue helping me on my journey. Thank you!”
River L.

“I appreciate all the guidance that you send my way. The awareness triggered by your guidance tremendously helps me in getting through life.”
Grace K.

“Thank you for playing a huge part in allowing these words to flow through you and for being so generously giving! I still have a long way to go, but your tips and suggestions are going to help me tremendously! Thank you again, Michelle, for all your love and support. You truly are an angel to me and to many others.”
Gabi K.

“I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the amazing healing work you have done with me over the past years! You are amazing!! This afternoon’s deprogramming session felt so powerful for me and has kinda knocked me on my ass in the best possible way haha. I feel at the depth of just how much you are changing people’s live’s and destiny’s and the healing impact you are having. What you cleared for me this afternoon was huge!! I have always dreaded January and February. The tragic situations that have always happened at this time of year has chained me down, threatened my life, and erased much of my physical progress every year for as long as I can remember. No doubt there are layers to it, but that enormous charge of chaos, fear, and that feeling of needing to fight for every breath I take, isn’t there! Thank you SOO much!!”
Jeff S.

“I was just now able to listen to last week’s class. Fabulous teaching! I feel so great-full to have found you. Thank you for not only doing your own work but investing in all the students. I hope to meet you next time I’m in town”
Teresa L.

“Another great class. I really appreciate Michelle’s kind, patient support for her students. Healing is real!”
Barbara H.

“Your guidance was also so helpful and gave me the space I needed, and how to communicate how I needed space with those who are shoulding on me. It took so much pressure off. Lots of “come to Jesus” talks this weekend. I just wanted to share and let you know that I’ve had major steps forward since we met and I can’t thank you enough.”
Wendy W.

“Thank you so much Michelle for your response to my questions! I literally teared up reading it because it makes so much sense. Thank you for the clarity.”
Tracy H.

“Thank you for your wonderful response. I just might print and save it to read and reread now and then.”
Sharon O.

“I highly recommend Michelle. After years of releasing old energies/stories/aspects it was surprising to learn that I had a condition called hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid gland).
It has been quite an adventure and amazing to work with Michelle. She has a stunning ability to detect, read and release the stories hidden in the body.
‘What is this?” Often this would be her first question when she dived into an energy.  Immediately thereafter, a story of the particular energy unfolded and sometimes it cleared out with the speed of light and other times after a minute. Some of the issues/stories I would know from my life, other energies I just would feel as true stories from other lifetimes.
Not only is my thyroid gland almost back to normal, the energies of my body are flowing much more freely. Thank you so much for your assistance dear Michelle”
Anne S.

I loved the Radiant Self Program!! I had noticeable results after applying just a couple of the tools. My mind was a lot quieter and things that used to really trigger me had less of a charge. I learned so many invaluable tools and Michelle even incorporated meditations in the class so you can start using them right away. Don’t worry if you have trouble visualizing or think you can’t do it because there is a tool for that too!

Sonya S.


“I’ve been going to Michelle for several months to help improve my own psychic/healing skills. Michelle’s very adept at identifying my concerns, how to heal them, and has introduced new perspectives and techniques that have helped me greatly. She has a wide range of effective tools and a clear understanding of this trade. I can expect to learn something new each time I see her. She’s has a lot to offer both clients and students. Thanks for all your help Michelle.”
Natasha D.

“I don’t have words for what just transpired between us! I cried all the way back home and I’ve never felt so good in my life. I’ve never had someone channel my ‘Self’ with such candor, honor, and clarity, including my own self. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! We will most certainly have future sessions because a) you are amazing and your clarity inspires me to open up to myself b) my soul tells me we need a few more.”

Bianca A.


“Michelle is incredibly talented. She is a natural at what she does and clearly loves helping others. I have known Michelle for a little while now, but during our first reading she saw and knew things about me that I had never told her. She knew things about me that I hadn’t even realized about myself. She opened up my eyes to issues I wasn’t fully aware of before the reading.

Michelle is also a love doctor. I had been having a difficult time in my dating life before the reading and healing she gave me and the very next day a guy that I had given up on contacted me saying that he couldn’t stop thinking about me. And then the following weekend two other guys asked me out. I had been having terrible luck for months and then Michelle changed that all. I am so grateful to her and her gift.”

Kalie M.

“Michelle is both an exceptional psychic and healer. I find her work to be incredibly accurate and life transforming.  Whether you need help with your relationships, career, or finances – she will give you clear understanding on what is happening currently, clear the energy and advise steps.  She is ‘the real deal’ – well trained and an amazing teacher of energy.  I can’t recommend her highly enough. She truly is a Modern Day Mystic!”
Laura W.

“I just want to tell you that your way of teaching, your spirit, your clarity when you’re teaching is really something you should pat yourself on the back for — your very good. Thank you!!”
Janice R.

“Thank you so much for such an illuminating session. I think we did indeed clear quite a bit. A lot of “stuff” came up in those next days as things were shifting…it was a great catalyst. You are very gifted at what you do, my dear.”
Sarah B.

“Regarding the healing we had, I really felt it to be extremely powerful. I felt like the space beneath my left scapula that has held pain, for near 35 years (!) has cleared. It has been in the last seven years this pain/condition/compensation has travelled to the shoulder and neck, with physical changes visible on an x-ray and MRI. You have nailed it labeling this pattern.
Our healing together was different from the countless others I’ve received across the years in a couple of ways. First, I am so much more aware… of tools, of energy in my body, of being able to see it (thank you) that I felt like I was to a degree able to co-heal with you. The parallels we saw were cool and validating. Second, there was a power to it I felt, born from some connection. I have experienced this in therapy, both as therapist and client, but never have I experienced it during a physical healing, at the level of the body. The bottom line on this is thank you! And we’ll do more!”
Ruth B.

“Thank you so much. You are so skillful and wonderful to work with.”
Natalie T.

“I feel much better after our meeting (as usual). I’ve been working with me tools and it has helped bunches and wagonfuls. Again, thank you. You’re very patient and your advice is priceless. I walk away feeling much better psychically and mentally/emotionally more prepared for what’s next.” 
Wendy W.

“Thank you so much for the hands on healing. It was incredible. It felt very caring and gentle yet potent. After your healing I went from being so exhausted I could barely make it through a work day to racing in cyclocross races the following two weekends!”
Katie S.

“Thanks so much for the session — it was really professional, helpful and insightful. I love that you offer a recording of the sessions! I’m looking into more.”
Clare W.

“Thanks again for the reading and healing!  It is nice to hear so much that resonates with me.”
Daniel H.

“I felt like I had some sort of breakthrough after your class on Monday, either energetically, or in my awareness of my energy. Whatever it was, it felt pretty positive. Thanks again for leading us along.” 
Ryan N.

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