Here’s What Some Folks Have to Say…

“Potent, proficient and important beyond measure, this woman’s work!! Michelle helped me recover from a major surgery and radiation treatment for thyroid cancer. And man, that hospital stay wasn’t exactly a party 😉 But Michelle’s Trance Medium Healing work — done over the phone while I was in the Philippines — had an immediate and even real-time effect. I consistently felt 300% better by session’s end!! Without question, this generous and curious soul sister’s gifts have been a crucial supplement to my rehab — physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Clear psychic vision, precise and immediate clearing of discomfort and lethargy… the girl’s got skills!!”

April W.

“Michelle takes healing and clearing energy to an entirely different level. The work she has done, she effortlessly pinpointed exactly where the energy was not moving and saw within minutes what needed to be cleared and allowed my energy to merge with the healing process and this sealed the deal. The healing I experienced was beyond what the analytical mind can put into words. Pictures and feelings of magnificent joy are flooding my physical body as I type these words. What an incredible soul you have Michelle. Thank you so much. May Spirit continue to bless you as you do this courageous, life-giving work.”

Andy T.

“Thank you and thank you again for the session.  It was uplifting, inspiring, and provided something special that other avenues of growth have not.  I am going to schedule more time with you soon.”

Sally W.

“Thank you so much, Michelle. Powerful, as usual. I really appreciate how strong you are with both energetic healing *and* psychic reading. I also really appreciate that you don’t tiptoe around things and tell me what’s happening without any sugarcoating. I feel like I gained a ton of insight last night in addition to the powerful clearing. Thank you again.”

Juliana M.

“Michelle is the real deal! She is a gifted psychic and an extremely conscientious teacher.  Michelle provides not only an incredibly accurate, clear and insightful reading, she also provides practical instruction on how to use the information gained through the reading to better your soul and your life.  I have worked with Michelle for over a year now and I can confidently say that you would be blessed and fortunate to get the opportunity to work with Michelle — I know I am.”

Stacey K.

“Michelle, thank you so much. It was a great experience working with you. I am really pleased and happy that I decided to come and have you work on me. I learned so much about myself in such a short amount of time, thanks to your knowledge and experience. I was mind-blown by your accurate description of my personality. A+ I am looking forward to seeing you again and have you continue helping me on my journey. Thank you!”

River L.

“I’ve been going to Michelle for several months to help improve my own psychic/healing skills. Michelle’s very adept at identifying my concerns, how to heal them, and has introduced new perspectives and techniques that have helped me greatly. She has a wide range of effective tools and a clear understanding of this trade. I can expect to learn something new each time I see her. She’s has a lot to offer both clients and students. Thanks for all your help Michelle.”

Natasha D.

“Michelle is incredibly talented. She is a natural at what she does and clearly loves helping others. I have known Michelle for a little while now, but during our first reading she saw and knew things about me that I had never told her. She knew things about me that I hadn’t even realized about myself. She opened up my eyes to issues I wasn’t fully aware of before the reading.

Michelle is also a love doctor. I had been having a difficult time in my dating life before the reading and healing she gave me and the very next day a guy that I had given up on contacted me saying that he couldn’t stop thinking about me. And then the following weekend two other guys asked me out. I had been having terrible luck for months and then Michelle changed that all. I am so grateful to her and her gift.”

Kalie M.

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