Intuitive Spiritual Counseling

Connect with Your Truth

There are some times in our lives where we are surrounded by upheaval, where we feel lost and alone, and that we are Clairvoyant Readinglacking a roadmap to guide ourselves. We end up gripping tightly to a rollercoaster ride, stuck in a mental frenzy, and start feeling disconnected from the joy of life. A lack of clarity can be scary and dark for many people. Sometimes we forget that whatever is going on, actually does make sense and is exactly what we need. In an intuitive spiritual counseling session, I connect with you on a soul level so that you can understand what is going on, discover, and know your truth in your current situation.

  • Get a reading on any area of your life.
    • Relationships, love, money, career, family, life purpose, spirit guides, entities, karma, past lives, or health.
  • Sift through your truth versus other energies that are having an effect on your life so that you can let go of what is not serving you.
  • Gain a new perspective around your decision-making.
  • Find the missing piece to your puzzle.

 “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” – Dr. Seuss

Cost: $105 for an hour session Discounted Packages:

  • $180 for Two Sessions
  • $315 for Four Sessions


Energy Management Coaching

A little bit of help from your psychic friend

In my personal experience, the breakthroughs that I have seen have been the result of using energy management tools Young woman outstretched arms enjoys the freedom and fresh airon a daily basis in all sorts of ways. I have seen others liberate themselves from daily prescriptions, I have seen people totally transform their career, I have watched people gain supportive relationships, and I have seen them having more fun in life overall. Creating what you want in life can be easy. In an energy management coaching session, we’ll take what you learned from class and apply it to real-life situations that you need help with. I will intuitively identify what is going on in your energetic space in relation to your situation and help you apply your tools so that you can work the energy, create what you want and get relief all by yourself. If you want to become fluent with your energy management tools, these sessions are for you!

Cost: $105 for an hour session

  • $180 for Two Sessions
  • $315 for Four Sessions


Energy HealingEnergy Healings

Come Back Home

Are you stuck in the same old pattern? Is there a certain area of your life that is struggling? Are there parts of you that feel out of control, dark, or limited? Are you suffering from a chronic illness? Receiving an energy healing is a great way to get gentle and powerful support in any area of your life. If you find yourself suffering, in effort, stuck, or limited in life, it’s time for a healing. See just how easy it can be to let go of limitations and have breakthroughs in your life. There are many physical symptoms that we experience that can be relieved through energy work. Here are a few examples that might indicate a need for an energetic healing:

  • Feeling foggy, confused, out-of-body, or scattered.
  • Feeling stuck in certain emotions or thought patterns.
  • Physical discomfort such as headache, nausea, aching, or pain.
  • Physical injuries
  • Feeling tired or having trouble sleeping.
  • Not quite feeling like yourself or not feeling like yourself at all.

Hands On Healings

Get to the deep stuff…

Lie down on my table and take a nap. While you are relaxing away, I’ll be doing all the work for you. I’ll move out limiting energies with just a conscious touch of my hand. Feel nurtured, feel supported, and see how easy it is to let go of baggage that has been haunting you for ages. Come with any healing intention. 

Aura & Chakra Healings

Take the best psychic shower of your life and experience immediate relief.

I’ll help you let go, ground, and find balance quickly. I’ll remove energies that are having a negative effect on your mood, mind, and body. Take time to untangle from co-dependent relationships, to bring back integrity to your energetic space, and to replenish with exactly what you need. Come with any healing intention.

Trance Medium Healings

Long-distance healing dynamite!

Can’t see me in-person? No problemo. We can still do some amazing work over-the-phone. In a trance medium healing, I will shift my energy so that I can leave my body and fly on over to you. Once I’m over there, I’ll help you release painful energies and look for and remove anything else that may be having a limiting effect on your life. Come with any healing intention and be prepared for surprises!

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on.” – J.K. Rowling

Cost: $105 for an hour session Discounted Packages:

  • $180 for Two 1-Hour Sessions
  • $315 for Four 1-Hour Sessions


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